DIY Affordable Welding Table BUILD – Quick and Easy!

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I had the intro cheap small one now for years, and I had a bunch of scrap around so it was time to make something cheap and quick but a slight bit better.

I calculated out how to turn the heavy and thin tubing I had into legs and a table top and then cut them to length using the horizontal bandsaw.

I had enough 2 inch, 16 gauge tubing to make a 5 foot by 24 inch rectangle top with a center cross support, so I am just using some right angle clamps and MIG welding that up.

Next I take the heavy tubing I had left over from my hoist build and just welded up cantilevered legs. Here I did have one set measurement requirement, I wanted the table height to be around 34-35 inches. Ended up being a 25.5 inch horizontal piece and the vertical 34 inches in length.

I then just sort of check here, and make sure I didn’t do anything dumb, cause that happens often.

I then position on floor so I can weld the legs to the top. I use a handful of various magnetic right angle holders, but I honestly didn’t stress about it being perfect.

I then welded most the seams and made sure it was sturdy.

I had a bunch of flat bar, so I cut a couple pieces to just reinforce the cantilever. Again not fancy, but my purpose was to use metal that I already had.

And then started using 2 inch and 3 inch flat bar that was the same thickness for the top with 1 inch gaps in between using a piece of 1 inch flat bar as a spacer.

I worked from right to left tacking the flat bar, with 1 inch spacer and an angle magnet to ensure flush to front of table. Then just flap disk to buff the edges on front.

I did not have enough to completely span so on the left, I actually just gave myself a bigger gap. I figure every now and then cutting something with angle grinder or even plasma, I can position over that area and it becomes a feature.

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