Chinese Serving Tray Set

set of four handcrafted wooden serving trays with Chinese character inlay


This set of four Wooden Serving Trays with Chinese characters is great to serve up delicious pastry, snack or cookies, or you can use them as travel size cutting boards.

When not in use, they are beautiful enough to be hung on the wall as cheerful Chinese themed decorations.

Meaningful Gift

Meaning of each tray, very common Chinese characters to symbolize “good luck” and used as decorations during Lunar New Year and throughout the year for special occasions and holidays.

福 (Fú) Felicity / Great Happiness
祿 (Lù) Good Fortune
壽 (Shòu) Longevity
禧 (Xǐ) Happiness

Carefully crafted with high quality lumber

The trays are made out of sapele/sapelle/sapelli wood and the inlay for the Chinese characters is made out of sycamore. There is a golden epoxy inlay ring around the edge of the tray. Circular handle cutout for easy handling and for hanging the trays as decorations on the wall when not using!

Made to Last

Sapele is an exotic hardwood and can withstand cutting with great durability. So serving cheese, snacks on these trays, or use as travel size cutting boards are ideal. The sapele has a beautiful shimmering pattern or chatoyance when seen under good light source. The light and dark grain shift and change position depending on the angle of view.

These carefully handcrafted trays / cuttings boards are the perfect gift for friends and family during Lunar New Year, or other Chinese holidays. They are also make great house warming gift for friends who appreciate arts from the far East.